Across the shore

About Us


Welcome !

Hi there! Thank you for visiting our blog!

We are Ben and Rika, a German-Tahitian couple in love with each other and discovering ourselves and this beautiful world. We first met while traveling and learning Japanese in Tokyo, and since then our lives have never been the same. 

We started our blog together in January 2019 and we are still trying to keep it up and try our best to improve it from time to time. 


Our main goals!

Together, we wish to explore the world, experience local cultures, try traditional cuisines, visit cities and wander around nature. 

All you can find on our blog are small stories about different places in the world, local foods, traditions and our shared experiences. Life is short and we have so many things to discover around this world. That is why our main goal is to share with you some of the things that can be found on the other side of this world and that you might want to experience as well.  


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