About Me


Ia ora na,


My name’s Benjamin and I welcome you to my little Story.

I could try to explain my motivation and reason for all of this which wouldn’t bring either of us far right now. So if you are really interested in knowing me better, the best way would be to look into some of my posts and discovering the person I am. As John C. Maxwell once said: “People may hear your words but they feel your attitude.”

But to not let you go without anything (80s smiley passing through) 😛 

I might give you a short idea of myself:

I am a way too pale guy from Europe, who is discovering the unique Islands of French-Polynesia in the middle of the pacific and while doing this learning about myself every single day. Here I share what I learn, my challenges during this experience and also kind of tracking my own progress. Feel free to be with me on my journey or contact me at acrosstheshore@outlook.com for any questions you have in mind.

Nānā! (See you later!)




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